Benefits of Blue Light Glasses: Fact or Fiction?

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses: Fact or Fiction?

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses: Fact or Fiction?

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses: Fact or Fiction?

With school starting around the corner and a new virtual classroom a lot of questions have been raised about the benefits of blue light technology. 

Direct blue light on retinal cells was studied as early as 1966 in animals and was found to be a contributor to phototoxic damage.  Blue light occurs naturally from the sun but can also be found from computer screens, smart phones, LED lights in your home or office.  The increase of screen time has led to concerns of the potential that blue light can cause harm. 
There is a push of recent advertising discussing the benefits of blue light blocking technology in glasses:

  • Benefits of blue light in enhancing visual performance

  • Reduction of symptoms of visual fatigue

  • Protection of retinal health

  • Improvements in sleep patterns.  ​

So, what is fact and what is fiction?
A recent scientific review article looked at the effects of blue-light blocking spectacle lenses on visual performance, macular health, and the sleep-wake cycle.  The group of researchers from the University of Melbourne Australia conducted a literature review of all these claims and found that there was… statistical evidence demonstrating positive benefits in visual performance, fatigue, retinal health or sleep patterns! 

You are probably wondering whether it is worth investing in blue light blocking eyewear.  The short answer is that it causes no harm, but there is little scientific evidence to its touted benefits.  Often, blue light glasses may have a mild reading prescription built in to reduce the amount of work that your eyes may be doing on the computer screen throughout the day. 

However, if you are your kids are still experiencing symptoms of headache, eyestrain, fatigue, low attention span, these can often be signs of poor eye coordination (eye teaming), farsightedness, or poor accommodation.  If these symptoms occur, it is always important to have an annual examination and bring these symptoms to the attention to our doctors.  Additional testing may reveal eye teaming issues or focusing issues that can be addressed with simple eye exercises or glasses with prism and a reading prescription. 

Our goal is to always deliver care to you, backed in science.  May all our students have a wonderful school year.  Teachers thank you for all of your hard work!  Parents...GOOD LUCK!  We're praying for you!

To read the full scientific review click the following link: Read More 

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