Comprehensive Ocular Evaluation

Comprehensive Ocular Evaluation

Comprehensive Ocular Evaluation

Comprehensive Ocular Evaluation

Comprehensive Health Examination

A comprehensive eye examination is so much more than just spinning a few dials to find your new prescription. A true eye examination takes into account your visual needs and finding the right solution. In addition, a dilated retinal exam or digital retinal scan is performed to assess overall eye health to ensure that your eyes will continue to serve you well in the future. Below is a step by step of what to expect when you come to our office!

Exam Overview

What happens during your eye exam?

  • Baseline Vision Assessment

  • Baseline Peripheral Vision Assessment

  • Review of Systemic Health and Eye Impact

  • Review of Medication and Eye Impact

  • Corneal Curvature Assessment/Topographical Mapping

  • Basic Visual Neurological Screening

  • Eye Muscle Coordination

  • Prescription Determination

  • Corneal Health Assessment

  • Cataract Assessment

  • Eye Pressure Evaluation

  • Optic Nerve and Glaucoma Evaluation

  • Retinal Disease Assessment

  • ​Treatment Plan Discussion

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Your eyes are important and it only makes sense to provide them the best. The doctors at All EyeCare Optometry have invested heavily in technology allowing for the earliest detection and elevating the standard of care. We believe taking care of patients requires doing more than prescribing glasses. It requires a thorough evaluation of the ocular health to ensure that your eyes will stay healthy for many years to come. The eyes are a window to your soul and also a window to your health! Did you know that there are over 200 different diseases that can occur in the eyes and many have systemic correlations?

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Eyeglass Exam

Digital Refraction

The two elements in designing the perfect pair of glasses depends on utilizing the best in prescription determination and pairing it with the best in quality lens designs. At All EyeCare Optometry, we have invested heavily in technology that has allowed us to not only find the most accurate prescription and determine your best potential vision. Using wavefront technology previously only reserved to LASIK and refractive surgeons, we are now able to isolate your prescription and determine any irregularities that may impact your final prescription. Baseline topographies on all of our patients allow for the most accurate contact lens fittings.

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Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Evaluation

Determining the best contact lens prescription for you is based on assessing your individual needs and pairing it with lenses that provide the best comfort, vision and health. While the majority of contact lenses are safe, complications can arise. Our annual contact lens health evaluations determine not only your prescription, but ensure that you will be able to continue to wear contacts for many more years to come.

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Medical Exam

Medical Visit

The most important part of the eye examination is the health evaluation. It is during this evaluation that your doctor can identify over 200 different diseases that can impact your vision and be a sign of underlying health issues. Routine examinations include assessments for common conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In addition, a dilated retinal examination or a digital retinal imaging can help establish baselines and create an ability to track changes in your eyes over time.

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